Custom Clothes Specification

Recommended polygon counts and texture sizes

Clothing for Twinity is modeled around body parts. The table below contains the maximum amounts that should apply to the most complex clothing. As always, try to be economical about polycounts.

Body PartMaximum PolycountMaximum Texture Size
Head2500 triangles512x512 pixel
Haircut1000 triangles256x256 pixel
Head-wear (e.g. cap, hat)500 triangles128x128 pixel
Torso (e.g. shirt, sweater)1000 triangles256x256 pixel
Hands (gloves)400 triangles128x128 pixel
Wrists (e.g. watch, bracelet)100 triangles per wrist64x64 pixel
Lower-body (e.g. pants, skirt)600 triangles256x256 pixel
Feet (shoes)300 triangles128x128 pixel