How to Design Your Own Clothes

Whether you are a 3D design pro, or a first-timer, it's easy to create your own clothes in Twinity. Follow these simple steps:

Design your own cloth

  • Download a clothing template package and unpack the archive
  • Open the texture template (e.g. female_tshirt_layers.jpg) with any graphics editor program
  • Paint your own favorite design into the texture template
  • If you use Adobe Photoshop, you can also use the layered psd file as basis (e.g. female_tshirt_layers.psd)
  • When you are done editing, save the texture as a jpeg format using the original file name (e.g. female_tshirt_layers.jpg)
  • Please ensure that the filesize of the textures are either 256x512px or 512x512px
  • You can also edit the thumbnail.jpg file to design your own preview image

Upload objects

  • Launch Twinity client and log in
  • Open "Me" -> "Add new clothes".

  • Navigate to the local folder of your edited item.
  • Select the .twml file and a apply.

  • The item will be uploaded to your Inventory and added to current outfit.
As a commercial user you can also sell the new item in your store. See How to open up your own shop in Twinity for more information.

Free texture editors for Windows: