Furby Tutorial


This example shows how to create an animated object that starts the animation on click.
All animations use an <action> node to describe the event that triggers the animation and an <object_aninmation> node to describe the animation properties.
In this case the animation data is in the same Collada file as the model data. Therefore both <object> and <object_animation> nodes reference the same file.

Twml options

The example uses the following attributes:
  • caption: Name of the action as it shows up in the client context menu
  • trigger: Event that triggers the animation, in this case the member needs to click on the object
  • path: Path to the Collada file containing the animation

Twml example

<package caption="Furby" icon="icon.jpg">
    <description>Animated Furby</description>
    <object path="furby.dae">
        <action caption="Furby" trigger="click">
            <object_animation path="furby.dae"/>