Upload a model from Google Warehouse

Google Warehouse is a huge vault of models created with SketchUp, the easy to use 3d model software from Google. Most of these models can be found in COLLADA format, a format that Twinity supports for uploading content. You can find Google Warehouse online: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/

Let us try a chair.

  • Simply type "chair" in the search bar and hit the search button. A list of thumbnails appear with different types of chairs. Now pick one.
  • You see the selected chair now on a single page. In the lower right corner of the picture the download button can be found. Download the COLLADA file to your computer and unzip it.
  • Start Twinity now if it is not running already. Go to one of your apartments, as you only can upload objects in your locations or locations in which you have "flatmate" status.
  • Right click on the floor and select "place item" where you want to place the chair.
  • The "place new item in space" dialog appears. Select the "My computer" tab and navigate to the folder where you have unzipped the COLLADA file.
  • Select the .dae file out of the models folder. The .dae file has a white box as preview with the text "COLLADA".
  • Wait as long Twinity needs to convert the COLLADA file. Click done and confirm the upload fee.
  • You are done!

You see uploading objects to Twinity is easy as eating an apple while looking out of windows.

Optional: Enhance the chair with a sit animation.

"Nice chair, isn't it?" "NO, I cannot sit on it." "Ok lets solve that." Twinity does not know that this is a chair. As we do not want to do complex fancy stuff to attach the property of a sitting animation in a high end 3d modeling software. We simply drop a cushion with embedded sitting animation from our shop on it.

  • Right click right beside your new chair and buy a cushion with sit animation from the Twinity shop.
  • Right click the cushion and select "edit".
  • Move the cushion in, on or under the sit area of your new chair.
  • End edit mode (right click on nothing). Done!
  • Try your new chair by left click on it.