How to open up your own shop in Twinity

1. Renting out/buying a space for shop

Go to the page "real estate":

Find a location for your shop (shops are usually located on the Ground Floor):

Select a floor plan for your shop and rent it out or buy it:

After the place is rented/bought, you can visit it in Twinity:

2. Decorating your shop

Here you will arrive at your newly rented shop:

You can right click anywhere in the room to see the menu:

You can change your shop's information at anytime by clicking on "view place information" in the menu:

Decorate the shop is the same as decorating an apartment. Make it any style you like and be creative, or not:

3. Uploading your items for sale

Click on "Shop/My Inventory":

When this window opens up, click on "My Computer":

Select an item that you want to sell, then click "USE IN SHOP":

Edit your item information:

Then the item that you just uploaded will appear in "My Shop":

You can always edit the item here in "My Shop" by selecting the item and click on "ACTIONS":

4. Offer your items for sale

Now you are ready to sell your item! Right click on on a frame or an object that you want to offer for sale, then click on "Offer for sale" in the menu:

When this window pops up, select the item that you want to offer for sale, then click "APPLY":

5. You are ready to make money!

After an item is being offered for sale, anyone could click on the item and buy it:

When they click on the item offered for sale, this window will pop, when they click "YES", you will make money!

You can track the transactions on the web under "Account":