Texture Formats

The following formats are accepted by Twinity

  • JPEG
  • DDS
  • TGA
  • PNG

Texture size restrictions

All sizes are allowed, but they will be automatically reduced to maximum texture size during upload. All texture files will be automatically converted to DXT1 (no alpha) or DXT5 (alpha) during upload The maximum internal texture size is 1024 x 1024 pixel


There are different ways to create transparency in Twinity.
  • The standard technique is to use DDS textures with embedded alpha channel (DXT5 format). NVIDIA provides a lot of helpful tools on its developer pages for working with DDS files.
  • Often you will not need full transparency, but so called one-bit alpha is good enough. (Every pixel is either fully transparent or not transparent). In such cases you should use a DDS texture in DXT1 format. These textures are smaller to download, and they are more efficient during rendering (because they do not need to be sorted).
  • In addition to DDS textures we also support PNG files and TGA files with embedded alpha channel
  • Finally you can also create an alpha map (e.g. as JPEG-file) and assign it to the opacity-slot in 3dsMax. Our Collada-Importer supports the opacity channel.
  • You can download an example for a transparent item here.

Supported shaders

Will be added soon.