User generated content in Twinity

As a premium member you can create your own 3d-objects, clothes and animations in Twinity. Premium membership is currently for free.
Soon you can also upload custom apartment floor plans. In the future we even want to open up our city-building pipeline, so members can build their own cities for Twinity.

Custom textures

The simplest way to customize Twinity is just to exchange textures on frames, walls, objects or clothes. Take a JPEG picture with your camera, place it on a t-shirt, frame or wall and show it to your friends. It's as easy as that.
Have a look at the custom texture guide for more details.

Uploading Collada models

Twinity uses Collada as 3d model and animation format. You can export Collada models with all popular 3d modelling tools such as Google SketchUp, Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya.
Collada models following the Twinity rules and restrictions can be directly uploaded to Twinity, using the in game upload tool.

Creating models with special functions

If you like to add special functions to your Collada model (e.g. create a radio model that can play sounds, or a chair avatars can sit on), you need to add a little description file, called Twml file.
With Twml you can add interesting properties to your object. See here for a simple frame example. Twml files can be directly uploaded to Twinity with the in game upload tool.

Available object types

The following dynamic object types are currently supported:
  • Lights
  • Frames (with picture, mirror, browser, video)
  • Chairs
  • Radio
  • Animated objects (with different triggers)
  • Objects that trigger avatar animations
  • Avatar animations
  • Avatar clothes
  • Avatar attachments