Upload Limits

To give members with older or integrated graphics hardware an acceptable performance in Twinity, we implemented a number of upload limits. We tried to make them big enough to enable as much creativity as as possible and small enough to give all members of Twinity an good performance.
Please note that some of the limits are not implemented, yet. But it is a good idea to respect the limits already now, as they represent our current knowledge on how to create scenes that will have acceptable performance.


  • Maximum triangle count per object: 5000
  • Maximum triangle count per location: 1 Million


  • All sizes are allowed, but they will be automatically reduced to maximum texture size during upload
  • All texture files will be automatically converted to DXT1 (1:8 compression, 1 bit alpha) or DXT5 (1:4 compression, alpha) during upload
  • The maximum texture size is 1024 x 1024 pixel (= 0.5 MB DXT1 / 1 MB DXT5)


  • Maximum number of unique materials per place (excluding city, avatars, floor plan): 1000
  • Sub-meshes with the same material in one object will be merged during upload process

Object count

  • Maximum object count per location: 1 per square meter

Asset size

  • Maximum size of uploaded assets: 2048 KB

Run time limits

  • Only nearest 2 mirrors are active at any time
  • Only nearest 8 lights are active at any time

Where does it apply

  • All member upload paths (Collada, TWML and apartment editor)

When are the limits checked

  • If possible during upload (e.g. texture size, triangle count per object)
  • Otherwise during "place item" (e.g. object count per location, triangle count per location)

Things we might implement later

  • Limit physical size of objects
  • Limit material count per object
  • Limit pixel density for textures
  • Display complexity of items in shop, inventor and places search
  • Special member permission level that allow to use higher upload limits